The Spanish Court of Arbitration, the first arbitral institution to be set up in Spain

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Corte Española de Arbitraje
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Both our internal organisation and our people ensure the independence, transparency and efficiency of our arbitration services.

Corte Española de Arbitraje
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MIAC is the result of the merger of the international activity of the leading arbitral institutions in Spain, including the Spanish Court of Arbitration.

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Why arbitration?

What is arbitration?

Arbitration is a system offering an alternative to state courts for the resolution of commercial disputes. In resorting to arbitration, the parties in conflict submit their dispute to a third party, the arbitrator, who resolves it by means of a decision, the arbitral award, which has effects equivalent to a court ruling.

The Court’s new Rules, at the forefront of new arbitral trends

The Court’s Rules were approved in 2019 pursuant to the Model Arbitration Rules of the Spanish Arbitration Club. The Court’s Rules incorporate the latest trends in national and international arbitration practice. The enriched new Rules do not, however, imply any hindrance to the autonomy of will of the parties, who have extensive freedom to structure proceedings in the way that best fits the specific circumstances of the case.

How are disputes submitted to the Court?

The parties have to agree in writing to submit a specific dispute to the Court in order for the submission to be valid. This so-called arbitration agreement can take the form of a clause included in a contract or of an independent agreement.

Costs calculator

The following tool permits a simple and rapid estimate of the Court’s filing and administrative fees and arbitrators’ fees depending on the quantum of the dispute.

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The Court Members Programme

The Court Members Programme was developed with the intention of building a community of arbitration professionals revolving around the Court aimed at strengthening ties, sharing best practices and enhancing their visibility vis-à-vis users.


Estamos a tu entera disposición para cualquier cuestión que puedas tener en relación con el arbitraje de la Corte. Nuestros datos de contacto son los siguientes:

+34 91 590 69 18

Ribera del Loira, 12. 28042 – Madrid

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